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A Random Conversation with James Jenkins

This is what happens when you hit record on a random conversation with James Jenkins… you’re welcome.

A Random Conversation with James Jenkins

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by James Jenkins, CIC, CRM, CRIS, Founder of RiskWell Insurance. This is what happens when you hit record on a random conversation with James Jenkins… you’re welcome.

Episode Highlights:

  • James mentions a cool thing about his conversations with Ryan. (6:56)
  • James shares why Ryan’s approach on podcasts is different from his. (10:19)
  • James explains the two opposing absolutes. (17:23)
  • James shares one of the most significant things that emerging agents and tenured agents need to pay more attention to. (26:22)
  • James shares the conversation he had with their Q3 quarterly prep yesterday. (39:11)
  • James explains the beauty of having the right mindset. (47:10)
  • James gives us fives steps that every agent should do to gain more growth opportunities.  (57:35)

Key Quotes:

  • “This is the meat and potatoes of why I just love talking with you. Because, there is no black and white in this conversation. There is entirely shades of gray, there are nuanced places on a spectrum between two opposing absolutes.” – James Jenkins
  • “I think everyone is better when the agency principal comes ready to play. Because, the agency principal, all of the producers are going to fall in line behind however the principal is doing business, and the industry as a whole is better for it.” – James Jenkins
  • “If somebody wants to talk to you, make them talk to you then. Just having that tribal mindset of the independent agency, the retail IA…We are a tribe together. – James Jenkins

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