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Bradley Flowers 2.0

Bradley Flowers, entrepreneur-in-residence at Portal Insurance, joins the podcast for a tremendous conversation on what comes next for one of the most exciting and interesting young agencies in our industry.

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Bradley Flowers 2.0

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Bradley Flowers, entrepreneur-in-residence at Portal Insurance, for a tremendous conversation on what comes next for one of the most exciting and interesting young agencies in our industry.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Bradley talks about hiring someone to work on his various projects. (6:59)
  • Bradley shares his definition of what a good salesperson and a good producer is. (14:14)
  • Bradley tells us about his office space and the percentage of expenses that go to it. (20:20)
  • Bradley shares that he does not think that there is anything wrong with being a mainstream generalist. (31:24)
  • Bradley says that convenience beats price 98% of the time, and shares insights about retention. (36:45)
  • Bradley shares that it is important to automate, outsource, and delegate. (41:56)
  • Bradley talks about the two important things he has learned in the past two years. (47:49)
  • Bradley shares a situation he had with one of the companies that offers InsurTech. (58:53)
  • Bradley explains how agents are still important in a company’s success. (1:02:42)
  • Bradley and Ryan talk about NFTs and Cryptocurrency, and how it is going to revolutionize the video game. (1:05:37)

Key Quotes:

  • If you work with good independent agents, they are going to put you with the correct carrier for your risk. They’re not going to try to fit something into a box that doesn’t belong there. Generally speaking.” – Bradley Flowers
  • “Again, with your team. There are no better people than the people that work for you.” – Bradley Flowers 
  • “The hardest thing, I think, is to delegate the things that you’re not good at, but you like doing.” – Bradley Flowers

Resources Mentioned:

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