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Evolving from NFL Pro Bowler to Entrepreneur with Justin Forsett

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Justin Forsett on the Evolution from NFL Pro Bowler to Entrepreneur

Now a successful entrepreneur, former NFL Pro-Bowler, Justin Forsett, joins The Ryan Hanley Show to share his experience evolving from professional sports to business.

Justin explains which skills and mindsets help him reach peak performance in both chapters of his life.

After a productive 9-year career in the NFL, including an epic 2014 season in which Justin rushed for over 1,200 yards, he is now one of three founders of The Shower Pill.

Created by three former college and pro football players – who know a thing or two about exhausting workouts, and, ahem, skipping out on that much-needed shower afterward…Known jokingly amongst athletes as a “shower pill”.

Not only did this create a stinky situation, but it also was a health risk.
We decided to turn the inside joke into a solution to supplement the hygiene of active individuals everywhere.

He’s also a pretty decent follow on Twitter…

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