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How to Choose an Insurance Market Access Provider

There is no right or wrong market access provider, only the right market access provider for your agency.

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The Right Market Access Provider

Let’s get this out of the way…

Yes, I did sign with a market access provider, Indium.

One huge selling point for me was their full integration into Tarmika.

In the video, I go over all the specific reasons why I choose Indium over the many other valuable market access providers independent insurance agencies have to choose from when seeking out markets.

The purpose of this video is to breakdown a thought experiment you can go through when deciding on which market access provider is right for your agency.

1) What type of agency are you trying to become?

What is your vision for the agency?

2) What are you struggling with?

What pain are you feeling right now that a market access provider could help solve?

3) What resources do you currently have (and where are the gaps?)

Do a SWOT analysis and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses currently are. Then determine which market access providers solve for the weaknesses.

4) Where would you like to be and when?

What does your agency look like in five years, ten years? What do the workflows look like? What does your personal like look like?

5) What do you like to do and what don’t you?

What tasks should you be passing off to someone else?

The Rub

In the video, I mention four additional market access providers. These are not the only additional market access providers in any regard, but they are four that I would consider…

Remember, there is no right or wrong market access provider, only the right market access provider for your agency.

Good luck,


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