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Zywave CEO, Jason Liu, on Making Enterprise Tools Available to Every Agency

Jason Liu, CEO of Zywave, stops by the podcast to talk about the future of Zywave and enterprise technology. We dive deep into the future of Zywave and why now is the time for small and middle-market agencies to take a deep look into their package of tools and resources.

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Zywave CEO, Jason Liu, on Making Enterprise Tools Available to Every Agency

Jason Liu – Chief Executive Officer of Zywave.

Jason joined Zywave as Chief Executive Officer in spring of 2018. Jason brings over 20 years of experience leading organizations across the world, from here to central Europe and back. Previously, he served as CEO of SAVO, UC4 Software and Univa UD. Jason earned his MBA from the Wharton School of Business and his bachelor’s degree from Washington University, St. Louis. In his spare time, Jason loves to travel with his family and is always up for a new adventure, whether it be running with the bulls in Spain or fly-fishing in New Zealand.

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