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John Mason on Why You Must Stop Thinking Like an Insurance Agent

John Mason, President at Chenango Brokers LLC, joins the podcast to talk about how he built his small-town retail agency into a five-location powerhouse and ultimately transitioned into a 24 state growing wholesale operation.

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John Mason on Why You Must Stop Thinking Like an Insurance Agent

John Mason – President at Chenango Brokers LLC.

John N. Mason, CIC started Chenango Brokers over 30 years ago and since then he has consulted numerous agencies across the United States and Canada and expanded the business into what it is today.

Chenango Brokers, LLC is a regional wholesale insurance broker that provides comprehensive and competitively priced personal and commercial insurance products through approximately 1400 insurance agencies in NY, PA, NJ and CT. When the retail insurance broker doesn’t have the appropriate or competitive product he can access other products through Chenango Brokers to serve his client.

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