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Katlyn Eggar on Why Being “Casually Confident” is Secret to Closing Online Leads

Katlyn Eggar, Director of Education Development for Quantum Assurance Internations stops by the podcast for EPIC conversation on all things crushing online leads to rapidly grow an independent insurance agency.

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Katlyn Eggar on Why Being “Casually Confident” is Secret to Closing Online Leads

Katlyn Eggar is the Director of Education and Development at Quantum Assurance International.

At Quantum, their mission is to positively impact every person they meet. They achieve this by matching customers with their true insurance fit, connecting employees to their world-class career opportunities, and changing their communities through their philanthropic outreach.

As pace-setters in the industry, they believe that customers deserve quality insurance solutions and that more than ever- customers need options. By partnering with 40+ insurance carriers countrywide, they are uniquely positioned to match families with the best insurance policy for their individual needs.

At Quantum, they serve their customers daily through the expertise of their highly trained team of licensed professionals. Their world-class career opportunities prepare their team to achieve cutting edge milestones that challenge the status quo. They invest in the growth of their team both personally and professionally, knowing that as leaders, the impact they have on families and communities reaches far beyond the office.

Their industry-leading success has uniquely positioned them to change lives in their communities by giving back and paying-it-forward. At Quantum, they lead from the front and positively impact lives every day along the way. 

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