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One Method to Launch a Scratch Insurance Agency

Early wins are the name of the game for a scratch insurance agency.

We have to get policies on the books. Which means we need as many opportunities to quote as possible. Not just for revenue (although revenue is a huge part of it).

We need to find out where the process breaks.

This is why Rogue Risk will launch with Facebook and Youtube paid ads strategies directed at both commercial lines and personal lines.

We’ll be implementing Nicholas Ayers Made You Look Video Marketing strategy for our paid ads campaigns.

This will allow us to push both brand and lead generation campaigns into the market at the same time and drive real immediate traffic to our agency.

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As I discussed in the video, we’re going to launch our commercial program using Tarmika for commercial lines comparative rating. This is a best-in-class indietech tool that I believe in strongly.

I’m not locked in on a personal rater yet.

Once we get a feel for what is broke in our process through a high volume push of opportunities from paid ads we’ll begin backfilling with a rock-solid content marketing strategy and social campaign.

Unfortunately, those strategies take time to bear fruit and at the beginning, time is something a scratch insurance agency doesn’t have.

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