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The Origin of a Fitness Entrepreneur with Matt Phelps

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The Origin of a Fitness Entrepreneur with Matt Phelps

Matt Phelps, founder, and president of Metabolic shares his entrepreneurial origin story into the fitness industry.

Matt Phelps is the founder and owner of Metabolic. He has grown his personal gym into a fitness franchise with over 3,000 members and 6 locations.

Through the discovery and development of Metabolic Training, Matt has not only been able to have thousands of clients burn fat, build muscle, and gain strength, but he has created a true career for talented fitness professionals.

By introducing the Metabolic Studio, a place where fitness professionals receive extraordinary financial compensation, paid time off, insurance benefits, and a clear path to owning their own business one day; Matt has redefined what it means to work in the fitness industry, and used his lifetime of experiences to create a lifestyle that was never thought to be possible.

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