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So Much of Business Has Nothing to Do with Business

I spent the first decade of my career trying to get good at business.⁠

I read thousands of articles.

I watched video after video and listened to podcast after podcast.

I attended every conference I could afford.

I filled my shelves with books by bestselling authors.⁠

I wanted to be good at business so badly.⁠

I wanted to matter. I wanted to contribute. I wanted to make a dent in the world.⁠

I devoured every hard skill in business I could find assuming the accumulation of business acumen was the key to success.⁠

And despite a voracious appetite for the skill of business, I struggled to get ahead.

I languished in obscurity. ⁠

Frustrated and disappointed, I gave up.⁠

I stopped reading articles and books.

I stopped watching videos and listening to podcasts.

I stopped seeking out new business skills.⁠

So much of business has nothing to do with business.⁠

In the long-game, “Soft” skills win:


These are skills that grow a business.⁠

When you focus on “Soft” skills, you’re forced to develop the necessary “Hard” skills (or tactics) to deliver your product or service.⁠

The opposite is not true.⁠

Yours in strength,⁠


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