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Our first course will be the One Call Close Sales System.

This methodology, developed over 18 years of insurance experience, helped the agency I founded, Rogue Risk, average an 89.2% conversion ratio on inbound leads.

And this is just the beginning...

one call close sales system

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Want to learn how we consistently hit a 89.2% conversion on qualified leads during the hardest market the insurance industry has seen in 20 years?
The Finding Peak Podcast

The Finding Peak Podcast

I host a podcast called Finding Peak.

Two episodes a week, over 200+ episodes including NYT Best Selling Authors, economists, physicists and all other sorts of independent thinkers.

Through real conversations, uncover where peak performers focus their attention: mindset, habits, relationships, learning, and anything else that gives each an edge. 

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube or stream below.

Master the frameworks for peak performance in life and business.

Ever wondered how successful people win again and again? It’s not luck; it’s discipline.

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