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The Secrets of Enterprise Content Marketing with Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker, former editor-in-chief of Quickbooks and Shopify joins the podcast for an old school deep dive into the secrets of content marketing and how insurance agencies and carriers can leverage content marketing to win the long-game.

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tommy walker

The Secrets of Enterprise Content Marketing with Tommy Walker

Tommy is an Online Marketing Strategist, Husband and Father.

Tommy has been been doing various forms of online marketing since 2005, he started taking his marketing career more seriously after getting fired over a pair of pants.

He is a graduate from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, where he focused heavily on character study, improvisation, commercial acting, voice over, and a variety of other practical film & television acting techniques.

This work has been critical to his understanding of defining markets, customer archetypes, customer satisfaction, and virtually all forms of content marketing.

Tommy’s work has been featured on various high profile blogs including Chrisbrogan.com, ThinkTraffic.net, Hubspot, Remarkablogger, Problogger, SocialMouths.com and PcWorld.com (to name a few).

With his show, Inside The Mind, Tommy aims to redefine online marketing education by making it both informative and entertaining.Tommy’s specialties are: content development, strategic outreach, funnel optimization, product development, cross channel strategy, customer satisfaction, and the “brand persona” aspect of marketing communication strategy.

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