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Wade Eyerly on Creating an Insurance Product Out of Thin Air

Wade Eyerly, founder and CEO of Degree Insurance stops by the podcast to explain how you create an insurance product where one didn’t exist before. Wade is a tremendous guy and we take this conversation in many directions.

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Wade Eyerly on Creating an Insurance Product Out of Thin Air

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley is joined by Wade Eyerly, founder and CEO of Degree Insurance. Wade discusses how to establish an insurance product where one didn’t previously exist. Wade is a tremendous person, and Ryan and Wade take this conversation in a variety of directions. You don’t want to miss this episode…

Episode Highlights:

  • Wade explains what led him to Utah. (8:51)
  • Wade discusses the concept of Degree Insurance. (18:40)
  • Wade discusses how he became a missionary. (28:43)
  • Wade explains why he chose Moscow to serve as a missionary volunteer. (31:09)
  • Wade shares the story of how they helped a man they met quit smoking. (33:44)
  • Wade mentions that building genuine friendships rather than trying to network with everyone under the sun gives much greater results. (44:25)
  • Wade believes that trust stems from shared experience, which cannot be rushed. (48:30)
  • Wade believes that insurance is a fantastic industry in which you do not have to be the brightest person on the planet. (57:58)
  • Wade mentions that insurance enhances people’s ability to take risks. (59:36)
  • Wade explains that the purpose of Degree Insurance is to remove the risk out of higher education. (59:59)

Key Quotes:

  • “If you spend two years walking around trying to help people as your full-time gig, you learn to love those people. You learn to care about them. You learn what’s important to you.” – Wade Eyerly
  • “Insurance is such a great industry…you don’t have to be the smartest person out there. If you can put your nose down and hustle, you can do really well, in any part of the country with traditional products.” – Wade Eyerly
  • “Insurance unlocks other people’s ability to take risks and nothing is going to drive the economy faster. build more wealth, do more things than letting people take responsible risks.” – Wade Eyerly

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