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Zach Gould on Unlocking the Truth of Happiness and Success

Entrepreneur and co-founder of G&N Insurance, Zach Gould, joins the podcast to discuss philosophy and how we unlock the truth of happiness and success.

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Zach Gould on Unlocking the Truth of Happiness and Success

Zack Gould is the Co-Founder of G&N Insurance and BobbleOn, the companies Zack has led have won multiple INC 5000 Awards, Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work, and many other nationally recognized awards, such as Insurance Agency of the Year from the National Insurance Underwriters.

Zack is a highly sought after public speaker, the subject of an online documentary series highlighting the journey of an entrepreneur, and the host of two podcasts.

Zack also contributes his time as a mentor to students at the University of Connecticut, and as a board member to multiple Boston-based companies.

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