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Before you hate a stranger online

With the 2020 Presidential Election bearing down on us, it feels like some people are gearing up for a fight.⁠

before you hate a stranger online

Before you hate a stranger online…⁠
Before you judge a colleague…⁠
Before you exile a family member…⁠

Please ask yourself, “Am I looking for a single difference in order to hate or a single commonality in order to love?”⁠

The first path leads to darkness, anger, stress, division, pain, drama, scarcity… none which moves you closer to a solution on whatever disagreement may have spurred your hate in the first place.⁠

The second path leads to the light, to unity, to acceptance, to abundance, to meaning, to progress… any of which makes everyone involved stronger and more secure.⁠

People are complicated.⁠

We are not the easily categorized clones mainstream media needs us to be in order to pit sister against brother, neighbor against neighbor, colleague against colleague, blue state against red state… ⁠

These definitions exist to sell advertisements.⁠

Don’t let them into your headspace.⁠

Find one commonality and hold onto it for dear life.⁠

…because we’re all about to be bludgeoned with status signaling and identity-based fear-mongering and no one wins that game in the long-term.⁠

Yours in strength,⁠


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