Sales, Marketing and Leadership Keynote Speaker

Sales, Marketing and Leadership Keynote Speaker

Trust First.

Loyalty Second.

Profit Forever.

Ryan Hanley is a global keynote speaker, Chief Marketing Officer, content marketing veteran and the author of Amazon bestseller, Content Warfare.

Ryan cut his teeth using content marketing to sell insurance online for a local independent agency, creating exponential growth in a traditionally analog industry.

Using the same tested techniques, as Chief Marketing Officer of Agency Nation, Ryan grew a niche media company audience from scratch in 2014 to over 500,000 unique members in under 3 years.

Now as the CMO of Bold Penguin, Ryan is using his “Trust First” marketing strategy to rapidly expand enterprise sales for two-year-old startup, turning Bold Penguin into a household name within the insurance industry.

Ryan has particular expertise in B2B marketing strategies, executive branding and the use of video in driving organizational growth.

Ryan’s experience spans the spectrum of industries, from insurance to property managers to garbage collectors, as well as organization sizes and experience ranging from startups to SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Ryan is consistently listed as a top 20 thought leader in the insurtech space.

Ryan Hanley is quite literally a master at his craft and stands among every other “name” in the marketing space.

I hired him to speak at our annual pet industry conference in Las Vegas and continue to learn from him today. By hiring Ryan, you get a class-act speaker that will make you proud by delivering a substantial, actionable, and engaging talk.

If you are running any event, large or small, where the attendees would benefit from practical, tested, and universal business strategies, book Ryan right away. Your audience will be talking about him long after the event ends.

Josh Cary, Event Planner

What to Expect From Ryan Hanley

Choosing speakers for your event can be stressful (I’ve had to hire speakers for my own 700 person event). 

When you hire me to speak at your event, I make one promise: an unforgettable audience experience.

  • Not because I’m the funniest speaker (I’m not).
  • Not because I have the coolest stories (I don’t).
  • Not because I can “Wow” them with my resume (I won’t).

The ideas, concepts, strategies I share with your audience will be REAL, HONEST and most importantly USEFUL in growing their brand and business in the digital marketplace.

No fluff. No bullshit.

Instead they’ll be deluged with:

  • Endless Enthusiasm,
  • Raw Honesty,
  • Contagious Passion,
  • Engaging Stories, and
  • Actionable Take-Aways. 

Ryan Hanley makes me think in a way that I haven’t thought before!! From the minute that he takes the stage until he finishes the audience is mesmerized.

He will challenge your audience with new philosophies, innovative ideas, and enthusiasm that make you proud to have hired him for your event.

Denise Johnson, Executive Director IIAO

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