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How to Choose Your First Insurance Carrier Appointment

The most common piece of pushback I’ve received over the last week, since announcing the formation of my insurance agency, Rogue Risk, is this:

“Good luck getting carrier appointments!”

While there is no doubt the carrier appointment struggle is real for start-up agencies, this feels like one of the smaller obstacles a scratch agency has to overcome.

In fact, the whole concept of start-up agency owners begging for carrier appointments feels backward to me. Shouldn’t it be the agency that chooses the carrier?

In episode 002 of The Inside, I talk through how I’ll attack the carrier appointment obstacle as well as where the name, Rogue Risk, came from…

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Here is a list of the resources mentioned in episode 002 of The Inside:

We’re just getting started. Rogue Risk literally just became a real operating entity this week which means each week, twice a week, we’ll be sharing new updates and insights right here on The Inside.

See on the inside,


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