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How to Handle Your First Carrier Appointment Meeting

The Inside 004 breaks down my first carrier appointment meeting and examines both how I handled the meeting and what I would have done differently.

In this case, the carrier was Attune Insurance, an admitted small commercial market, “made to get business off your desk and on the books hassle-free.”

In general, I liked what Attune offered, especially for scratch and/or young agency looking to crack the small commercial insurance marketplace.

I’m not 100 percent sure I’m going to accept the appointment, but then again, it kinda seems like a no-brainer.

Watch The Inside 004 for the full breakdown…

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Here is a breakdown of the Pros/Cons of an Attune Insurance appointment:


  • No Accord forms.
  • No signatures to bind.
  • Easy-to-use quote to bind portal (under 5 minutes).
  • Admitted paper (AIG for BOP and Excess Liability and Employers for Workers Comp).
  • 8-page appointment contract.
  • 15/12.5 new/renewal commission split.
  • 370 classes of business.
  • They seem hungry to grow (but who isn’t).
  • Own expirations.
  • No minimum business commitments.


  • You do NOT own records of insurance or anything else other than expirations.
  • You are a sub-producer of Attune.
  • No override or contingencies.
  • Very young company.

While I don’t love the idea of being a sub-producer, (and ramifications of that relationship), I am strongly considering an appointment because of the ease of doing business.

What do you think?


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