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How to Win the Long-Game with Ron Tite

Entrepreneur and bestselling author, Ron Tite, teaches us how to see the world from a non-obvious and humorous angle in order to communicate more effectively.

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How to Win the Long-Game with Ron Tite

Ron Tite has been an award-winning advertising writer and Creative Director for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Air France, Evian, Fidelity, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Intel, Microsoft, Volvo and many others.

His advertising work has been recognized by The London International Advertising Awards, The New York Festivals of Advertising, The Crystals, The Extras, The Canadian Marketing Association, The Advertising & Design Club of Canada and The Marketing Awards, to name just a few.

He is Founder and CEO of Church+State (originally The Tite Group), a Toronto-based content marketing agency

Think. Do. Say.

Ron’s latest book, (sure to be another bestseller), Think Do Say, will be out in October 2019 and is must grab for everyone interested in organizational alignment.

When every person within a company thinks, does, and says what the organization thinks, says, and does, you achieve Total Organizational Alignment and create Positive Organizational Momentum. When someone contradicts what the organization thinks, says, and does, an Integrity Gap between what’s promised and what’s delivered occurs with Negative Organizational Momentum as the result.

Think. Do. Say. is not just the first business book in history to not mention Apple (finally). It’s your guide to making good things happen for you and your organization, filled with down-to-earth insight and indispensable humor. Ron Tite didn’t just think about writing the most refreshing business book. He did it. You’ll be the one to talk about it.

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