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How to Write a Scratch Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

Your insurance agency marketing plan doesn’t need to be lengthy or heavily detailed. What your agency marketing plan needs is a narrative.

In this episode of The Inside, we break down the Rogue Risk Marketing Plan into each of its components.

When creating marketing plans, (insurance agency or otherwise), I use the Story Grid methodology, developed by Shawn Coyne for writing fiction.

Stealing from fiction best practices is a double ultra-secret trick in the nonfiction world. You’re building a narrative, whether it’s based in an Outerspace fantasy world or your insurance agency.

Watch this video to learn the what, why and how of Rogue Risk’s launch marketing plan…

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Visit The Inside Headquarters to watch past episodes. Click here to download the Rogue Risk Marketing Plan.

We’ll be talking more about the Story Grid in the weeks to come as we begin to out actual marketing assets for the Rogue Risk launch.

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