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Everything You Never Wanted But Need to Know About Jason Cass

Jason Cass is one of the most underappreciated and misunderstood resources in the insurance industry. It’s time we pull back the curtain.

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Everything You Never Wanted But Need to Know About Jason Cass

I’m not sure there is anyone I’ve met in my life quite like Jason Cass.

He is at all times a mix of a shepherd, connector, rebel, counselor and antagonist. He has always done everything for as long as I’ve known him, his way. Giving little credence to the opinions of those who would maintain the status quo.

But in all things, Jason Cass works to support the independent insurance industry…always. Whether you agree with opinions or methods, you can’t deny that Cass is a soldier, fighting the constant uphill battle for the betterment of his insurance brother and sisters.

He’s built an agency out of literally nothing, a mastermind subscribed to by hundreds and podcast listened to by thousands… Love him or hate him, Jason Cass is undeniably one of the most important voices in the insurance industry and it was my great pleasure to share his story with you in this episode.

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