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Jeff Shi on Finding Your Rival and World Domination

Jeff Shi, the co-founder of Quantum Assurance, joins the podcast to talk about his transition from captive to independent and why his past experience finding rivals inside the captive community has propelled Quantum towards world domination.

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Jeff Shi on Finding Your Rival and World Domination

Jeff Shi is the Chief Visionary Officer at Quantum Assurance International.

Quantum Assurance International is focused on:

  • Guiding and leading the disruption in the insurance industry.
  • Building out 1099 Agency division with tools for today’s Independent agency needs
  • Leading a direct channel for new business acquisition thru digital agency model
  • Building out a recruiting, training, mastermind, online education model for today’s agent’s needs
  • Interacting with CEO’s and President’s of insurance carriers and brokerage firm to help them prepare for the next 10 years of changes in the insurance world.

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