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Matthew Sutika on Who You Should be Stealing From to Win

Matthew Sutika, Chief Insurance Officer of Obie, a former State Farm turned Independent now turned Insurtech innovator joins the show to talk about the mentality he used to build his habitational insurance empire.

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Matthew Sutika on Who You Should be Stealing From to Win

Matthew Sutika is the Chief Insurance Officer of Obie.

Matthew is an award-winning entrepreneur and business owner in the insuretech sector.

Following a 5-year tenure as a top-ranked State Farm agent, Matt founded Skylight Insurance after catching the attention of the largest Century 21 franchise worldwide.

Within two years, he grew Skylight Insurance to a $5M+ brokerage through unique partnerships and technology within the multi-family community, a staff of less than 5 and zero marketing budget.

Bridging tried and true insurance principals with tech, Skylight merged with Obie, an insurance and portfolio management platform for commercial real estate investors. Today, he serves as their Chief Insurance Officer with a heavy focus on multi-family insurance.

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