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Raymond Lynch on Why Small Business Insurance Is So Hot Right Now

Raymond Lynch, VP of Growth at Coterie Insurance, joins the podcast to talk about his move from Liberty Mutual to Coterie Insurance as well as why small business insurance is the place to be… which we obviously agree with.

Raymond Lynch on Why Small Business Insurance Is So Hot Right Now

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Raymond Lynch, Vice President of Growth at Coterie Insurance. Raymond talks about his transition from Liberty Mutual to Coterie Insurance, and why small business insurance is the place to be.

Episode Highlights:

  • Raymond discusses his decision to transition from Liberty Mutual to Coterie. (11:45)
  • Raymond adds that he’s back to doing what he loves, which is leading people and helping them achieve their goals. (17:05)
  • Raymond believes that we need to improve our change management skills across the whole value chain. (22:41)
  • Raymond shares what he’s noticed with all the API technology that everyone’s talking about. (28:21)
  • Raymond explains why transparency has to come to insurance. (33:09)
  • Raymond explains where data comes from, how it’s used, and how it’s helping to improve the process. (41:06)
  • Raymond shares the most important thing they’ve learned through their journey. (49:18)
  • Raymond discusses the aspects of coding that he enjoys the most. (50:49)
  • Raymond explains why one of his favorite things to do is work with new agents. (53:39)

Key Quotes:

  • “Why waste hours of your time trying to figure out how to answer these questions when we can make an API call to 5,6,7 different vendors, and pull in a lot of information.” – Raymond Lynch
  • “I think it’s easy for experienced industry people to throw shade and be like, ‘Oh, they don’t know what they’re doing.’ It’s true, we might not know what we’re doing all the time. But we’re pouring a lot of effort with a lot of smart people to improve and try to get better, and to try to do things just a little bit differently.” – Raymond Lynch
  • “Behind the scenes, it may not be the traditional underwriting relationship that you’re used to, but know that we have some really strong underwriting minds that are kind of keeping the guardrails in place and making sure that we’re writing the right business.” – Raymond Lynch

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