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5 Essential People to Rogue Risk Selling its First Insurance Policy

If there is anything I’ve learned in the first 10 weeks of Rogue Risk its that you can’t launch a successful independent insurance agency alone.

The people you connect with, surround yourself with and ultimately work with will play an instrumental role in how and when you sell your first insurance policy (and how many more you sell after that).

In episode 009 of The Inside, I share 5 people who have been essential in my early success…

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5 Essential People to Rogue Risk Selling its First Insurance Policy

Here is the list of people mentioned in the video above and how you can connect with each of them. It is my strong recommendation that you do connect with every one of them as you’ll learn something different from each.

Chris Langille

Chris is a former independent agent turned founder of Advisor Evolved, the number website platform in the insurance industry.

Nicholas Ayers

Nicholas is the owner of ThriveSure Insurance and the founder of Made You Look Video Marketing, the number one video marketing membership community in the industry.

Austin Moorhead

Austin is a former independent agency owner turned founder of Lava Automation, a best-in-class automation membership program.

David Carothers

David is the owner of Florida Risk Partners, one of the fastest-growing commercial lines agencies in Florida as well as Killing Commercial, the number one commercial insurance sales program on the market.

Jason Cass

Jason is the co-founder of The Insurance Alliance and founder of the Agency Intelligence Mastermind, one of the most dynamic insurance mastermind groups in the industry.

Chris Paradiso

Chris is the founder of Paradiso Insurance, Paradiso Presents and the Last Agent Standing magazine, one of the best annual print publications in the insurance industry.

Jack Wingate

Jack is the founder of ALLCHOICE Insurance, a best-in-class independent insurance agency dominating the North Carolina market.

This group of insurance professionals has been absolutely essential to the quality of my rapid launch of Rogue Risk. If it wasn’t for these guys Rogue Risk might not even be here.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to all of them (and everyone who has been so willing to lend a hand or a friendly piece of guidance). It is appreciated more than you know.

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