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Waiting to be motivated is bullshit.⁣

Not because motivation isn’t real, (it definitely is), but rather because motivation is fleeting.⁣

What we need instead is accountability.⁣

Ask yourself: Who are you the most afraid of disappointing?⁣

Your parents? ⁣
A teacher?⁣
A mentor?⁣
A coach?⁣
Your spouse?⁣
Your kids?⁣
A friend?⁣
Your boss?⁣

What about disappointing yourself?⁣

I’ve disappointed myself so many times.

Whether it was taking the easy way out when It know it’s not going to work, telling a little white lie when the truth would have been easier in the long run, or letting shallow distractions keep me from deep important work…⁣

We’re often most willing to disappoint ourselves, because of the rationalizations we make about our own motivation. ⁣

It wasn’t until my late twenties when my sales career was tanking and I found myself begging to keep the job that I learned about personal accountability.⁣

It was this, “Shit or get off the pot” moment that opened my eyes to one simple fact: when you stop rationalizing away your failures, disappointing yourself is more painful than disappointing anyone else in your life.⁣

I learned that we alone are responsible for our actions (and as a derivative, our own success) and that we must take responsibility for holding ourselves accountable. ⁣

When you hold yourself accountable, whether it’s to a business goal, a new positive habit, or simply making your bed every morning before you leave, motivation is never an issue.⁣


Motivation is a lagging indicator of action…⁣


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