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How Woody Brown Learned to Avoid the Insurance Celebrity Trap

Former rockstar turned high-performing insurance producer, Woody Brown, joins the podcast to explain how he learned to avoid the insurance celebrity trap and grow his business.

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How Woody Brown Learned to Avoid the Insurance Celebrity Trap

Woody Brown is the insurance agency you’ve always deserved.

Woody is a high achiever (Ironman Triathlete) with extensive experience in recruiting, management and new business development. He’s also a Sigma Chi (NGCSU 2003) and an Eagle Scout!

His passion for helping others translates into his work as an insurance agent. His goal is to educate and empower every single person he talks to. His passion is to protect the things that matter most to his clients when they are unable to.

But Woody almost got caught in the insurance celebrity trap, creating and thinking more about what other insurance agents thought of his work, then doing the work itself.

Fortunately for Woody, he didn’t and is instead focused on what matters most… his family and the work that supports their life.

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