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Charles Specht on How to Get More Clients, More Quickly

Charles Specht, president of Permission Group LLC, the place where insurance producers can find useful information, resources, and inspiration for building a $1,000,000 Book of Business.

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Charles Specht on How to Get More Clients, More Quickly

Charles Specht – President of Permission Group, LLC.

Charles Specht is a writer, a speaker, and a pastor. He blogs and speaks frequently about the intersection of intentional faith and strategic leadership. He lives in central California with his wife, Kathy, and their five children, two of whom were adopted from China.

Charles also teaches, consults, and helps insurance producers discover how to be both highly successful and extremely profitable in their insurance careers. He coaches producers with one-on-one mentorship, teaches large groups in both one- and two-day seminar settings, as well as being formally retained by agency Sales Managers and Principals in order to motivate, encourage, and help their producers grow their books.

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