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Chris Langille on Exactly Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars Going Forward

Chris Langille, founder of Advisor Evolved, ripped off an amazing Twitter storm a few days ago breaking down exactly what he would do if he were to start an insurance agency today. This fast-paced breakdown of agency life is going to push some boundaries of what we expect independent insurance agencies to look like but rings true for what’s to come.

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Chris Langille on Exactly Where to Spend Your Marketing Dollars Going Forward

Chris Langille is the Founder of Advisor Evolved, a web development and marketing company, providing websites and marketing consulting to Independent Insurance Agencies and Financial Planning Firms.

A large majority of insurance agencies and financial planners suffer from stale, outdated websites and archaic marketing tactics. Many agents and advisors are 10 years behind the curve when it comes to online marketing, and now they’re all late to the party, trying to make that time up as fast as possible. That’s where Advisor Evolved can help you.

It’s time to evolve with the times and create an online brand that builds trust and authority with your clients.

Advisor Evolved helps you get online and generate more business and relationships with conversion-optimized web design, content & email marketing strategies, and SEO (search engine optimization).

They also have a members-only library of how-to’s, eBooks, and other resources to help you get online and dominate.

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