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Dawnyel Smink on Communication, Workflows and Leadership

Dawnyel Smink runs a tremendously successful independent agency and one of the most well-respected agency networks in the entire country. In this episode of the podcast we breakdown her secrets to success.

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dawnyel smink canyon lands insurance

Dawnyel Smink on Communication, Workflows and Leadership

Dawnyel Smink – President of Canyon Lands Insurance.

Dawnyel challenges their clients and their agencies to focus on what matters most—how to protect their families, their businesses, and their assets from the unexpected. As a former elementary school teacher, She’s always been passionate about education and now uses that passion to educate their clients about the impact insurance can make for them.

Dawnyel’s firm has 40 plus affiliated locations, so she’s also committed to ensuring their agencies keep pace in a rapidly changing insurance landscape. They are a technology-driven company and they are constantly evolving by adopting the latest approaches to help their agencies thrive.

Dawnyel spends her days:

· creating technology-driven processes.

· establishing innovative ways to improve the insurance industry.

· developing protection strategies for individuals and businesses.

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