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Dax Craig on How Pie Insurance Turns Analytics into a Competitive Advantage

Dax Craig, co-founder, and President of Pie Insurance joins the podcast to talk about how Pie leverages a deep understanding in analytics to create a competitive advantage in the small business insurance marketplace.

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Dax Craig on How Pie Insurance Turns Analytics into a Competitive Advantage

Dax Craig is the Co-founder, and President of Pie Insurance.

Dax is responsible for overseeing Pie’s sales, business development, engineering, underwriting, product, and analytics functions. Prior to Pie, Dax was Co-founder and CEO of Valen Analytics, where he oversaw the company’s growth and 2017 sale to Insurity.

During his time as a graduate students, he also founded Xertex Technologies, ultimately selling to Centurion Wireless. Dax holds an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado Boulder and a B.S. from the University of Tulsa Collin’s College of Business, where he serves as a member on the Advisory Board. Dax is a proud and long-term member of the Young President’s Organization.

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