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How to be a Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with John Jantsch

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How to be a Self-Reliant Entrepreneur with John Jantsch

In this episode we’re joined by bestselling author and entrepreneur, John Jantsch, to examine the transcendentalist idea of self-reliance and its impact on entrepreneurial success as well as his new book, The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur.

Here’s why John wrote The Self-Reliant Entrepreneur:

The Transcendentalists posed thoughts that were radical at the time. They felt that it was more important to follow your own beliefs than to follow the well-worn track of others. That life was about producing value rather than accruing things. That the essence of success is found through individual experience and self-examination, rather than through following a prescribed doctrine. They also felt that nature provided the most perfect example of how to live, and that inner peace was a goal worthy of diligent pursuit. Awareness of the present moment, they thought, was the secret to lasting joy; and the essence of life is to explore how all things are connected.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of many transcendentalist doctrines, most notably, Ralph Waldo Emerson, which I explain in a previous episode of the show, God Will Not Have His Work Made Manifest By Cowards.

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