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Mick Hunt on Developing World-Class Producers

Producer trainer and Agency Growth Consultant, Mick Hunt, founder of Premier Strategy Box, stops by the show for a deep diver on producer development.

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mick hunt premier strategy box

Mick Hunt on Developing World-Class Producers

Mick Hunt is the founder of Premier Strategy Box.

Mick, an experienced Sales and Operations Executive, assists Agents in utilizing data analytics in support of revenue growth for independent agencies. Prior to forming Premier Strategy Box, Mick was an Independent Agency Owner, Executive Director of a large Florida based MGA, and an Independent Consultant. Mick started his agency from scratch, and within three short years, grew to over $3 Million of REVENUE…all organically!

Throughout his career, Mick has provided valuable expertise and consultancy to clients throughout diverse subjects, including Insurance Sales Operations, Workforce Management, Back Office Outsourcing, Lead Generation, Data Analytics, Strategic Planning, and P&L Results. Whether it has been a 10 employee Agency, a 400 employee MGA, or anything in between, Mick has been successful at improving the bottom line, as well as improving efficiencies and workflows!

As a graduate of the University of North Carolina with a B.B.A., and a Masters in Executive Leadership, Mick has an in-depth understanding of business operations and development, as well as networking strategies to exceed goals and drive results. Mick is a highly competitive individual and loves anything UNC basketball, UGA football, and the New England Patriots.

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