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Ron Shroyer Explains How to Rule the World With Data (and Donna)

Ron Shroyer, VP of Sales at Aureus Analytics joins the podcast for a deep dive into data, Donna, and why those who can harness data will rule the (insurance) world. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss…

Ron Shroyer Explains How to Rule the World With Data (and Donna)

Episode Highlights:

  • Ron shares his career background. (6:59)
  • Ron explains what Aureus Analytics is all about. (11:29)
  • What did Ron find was unique when he first came to Aureus Analytics? (14:28)
  • Ron shares how having access to influential people can really help with growth. (23:53)
  • Ron explains what the sentiment score is all about. (26:43)
  • Ron shares the difference between structured data and unstructured data. (36:56)
  • Ron explains how DONNA works. (38:11)
  • Ron mentions the most significant thing that they’ve processed within DONNA. (46:06)

Key Quotes:

  • “I love the industry. I mean, it is so well connected with the people… Just how the industry has an influence on what goes on with the rest of the world…everybody needs insurance.” – Ron Shroyer
  • “If you take a deep look inside the opportunities you have, you can grow exponentially with the customers that are already at your door. It’s way less expensive from a retention standpoint, and then also from a front-end organic growth standpoint. I mean, if you could save a point in retention, it makes it easier to get your growth goals in place.” – Ron Shroyer
  • “We are good at understanding data and being able to give you a really strong insight based on that data. I look at that opportunity with Agency Zoom and running those trigger events and making our insights actionable.” – Ron Shroyer

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