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Scott Monty in Defense of Deep Thinking and Eternal Content

Scott Monty, former head of digital communications and social media for Ford Motors joins the podcast for a rich conversation on deep thinking and long-form content.

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scotty monty deep thinking

Scott Monty in Defense of Deep Thinking and Eternal Content

Scott Monty is an executive coach/advisor, keynote speaker, and is the only classics major who’s been a global head of digital and social for a Fortune 10 brand.

In my conversation with Scott Monty, we dissect a recent newsletter article he’d written titled, 5 Steps Leaders Can Take After Ethical Violations. It’s tremendous…

Scott advises corporate executives and boards on virtuous leadership, integrity, and modernizing their culture to meet the changing needs of customers. He finds examples of history, literature, philosophy, and poetry that still resonate today and ties them together with trends to help executives focus on the long-term, not shiny objects.

Scott spent six years as an executive at Ford Motor Company, where he helped turn the company around with an uncanny ability to merge technology with humanity. He served as a strategic adviser across a variety of business functions, leading the company’s global social media strategy.

He also has another decade and a half of experience in communications and marketing agencies. Scott’s clients have included companies such as Walmart, IBM, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Google. The Economist ranked him as #1 atop their list of 25 Social Business Leaders.

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