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The Peterson Method: How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

Ever wonder why some decisions lead to triumph while others nosedive despite your best intentions? The Jordan Peterson Method can help…

The Peterson Method

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Decisions, decisions, decisions. From the moment we wake up to when our head hits the pillow, we’re faced with various choices.

Some are as trivial as picking a breakfast cereal, while others carry the weight of our future on their shoulders.

But how often do we pause to examine the process behind our decisions? How often do we regret choices made in the heat of emotion or the comfort of bias?

In the latest episode of our podcast, “Untangling Choices: Insights from the Peterson Method on Decision-Making,” we dive deep into the art of decision-making.

The host, Ryan Hanley, shares his journey through the labyrinth of life’s choices and the pitfalls of relying solely on personal beliefs, biases, memories, and emotions. It’s a candid exploration of the need for frameworks and filters to navigate the decision-making maze effectively.

The highlight of the episode is the discussion of the Peterson Method, a decision-making framework inspired by the renowned psychologist and thinker Jordan Peterson.

This method emphasizes truth-telling and reality as foundations for making choices, advocating for intellectual rigor through a blend of Socratic questioning and steelmanning opposing views.

Steel manning is constructing the strongest possible version of an opposing argument before engaging with it for those unfamiliar. It’s the antithesis of straw manning, which involves attacking a weakened version of an argument.

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How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

The Peterson Method involves taking a proposition through the Socratic method—asking probing questions to reach a core understanding—and then steel manning the counter-argument. By doing this, one can test the robustness of their conclusion and ensure that it stands up to scrutiny from all angles.

Ryan shares his personal experience attending a live event with Jordan Peterson and how witnessing the Peterson Method in action was a game-changer for him.

The method’s intellectual honesty and commitment to grappling with reality, rather than succumbing to the distortions of emotional response or memory, offer a more stable foundation for making significant life choices.

The podcast episode is not just a monologue but a call to action. Ryan invites listeners to engage with the content, question it, and contribute their insights.

He emphasizes the importance of community in decision-making and encourages sharing the episode with others who might be navigating their own complex choices.

This episode serves as a valuable resource for those eager to improve their decision-making skills. It demonstrates that making better choices isn’t about silencing emotions or memories; it’s about incorporating them as data points within a structured, critical thinking process.

The Peterson Method can be a potent tool in crafting decisions that will stand the test of time and lead to genuine satisfaction and happiness.

As Ryan aptly puts it, “We’re finding a solution based on critical thinking and answering the question: If yes, then why? Or if not, then why not?”

This methodical approach allows for clarity that often eludes us in the moment of choice.

This is the way.


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