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Wessly Anderson with the Definitive Guide to Virtual Assistants

Yes, it seems like everyone these days is talking about virtual assistants. But why not get your information from the Godfather of insurance virtual assistants, the guy whose literally creating the de facto program for VAs throughout our industry? That’s right, we got Wessly Anderson on the show today, co-founder of Agency VA to answer all your virtual assistant questions.

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Wessly J Anderson – Co-founder at Agency VA, Founder at Financial Network Insurance Agency and Owner and Founder at Alliance Financial Network Insurance.

Growing up, Wess worked in his father’s tech company. Since the late ’90s, his passion has always been technology and outsourcing. Later in life, Wess wanted to help an industry that struggled with technology. He started his first insurance agency in Salt Lake City, Utah. He later started a completely separate insurance agency in Los Angeles, California. Technology and outsourcing are still his passion to this day, which is why he started an outsourcing virtual assistant company Agency VA that specializes in the insurance sector. Running all three companies keeps Wess busy, but he still finds time to be with his wife and 4 children.

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