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Yesterday was the first time, in a long time, that I almost puked at Metabolic.

Yesterday James Wilson demanded beast mode on the kettlebells and it took every ounce of energy I had to meet his demands.⁣

See, the way I’ve always viewed Metabolic the last five years is this: YOU PAY FOR THE LAST ROUND.⁣

The last round is optional at other fitness studios.⁣

The last round is the round you wouldn’t do by yourself.⁣

The last round is when you are the most vulnerable to giving in to the pain and giving up on your goals.⁣


Because the last round is when Metabolic trainers ask the most of you. ⁣

The last round is when you’re making change happen.⁣

You’re tearing down old barriers and building your physical (and mental) strength to new highs you didn’t realize were possible.⁣

Yesterday, in the last round of our workout, I did four goblet style reverse lunges with a 124lb kettlebell. This was a new high for me. Frankly, three months ago I wouldn’t have considered it.

Now it’s the new normal.⁣

That’s called growth and I would have never got there without someone pushing me through the last round.⁣

Find that person, find that place and you will find your strength.⁣


Yours in strength,



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