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Blessed vs Lucky

I got a message yesterday, “You’re so lucky you found a job you love.”


I don’t believe in calling myself “Lucky.”

I prefer instead to use the word, “Blessed.”

Here’s why…

Blessed, comes with responsibility, while luck does not.

If I’ve been blessed with advantages in life, then it is still my responsibility to take action and capitalize on those advantages.

I owe effort to myself (and the people I love and impact) in exchange for any blessings I may have received at birth. 

Thinking of myself as “Blessed” promotes selflessness.

If I’m just lucky, then I don’t owe anyone anything. I hit the lottery and life is all about reaping the benefit of my birth jackpot.

Thinking of myself as “Lucky” promotes selfishness.

The Rub

I am blessed to have found a job I love at Metabolic.

It is now my responsibility (to Matt Phelps for the opportunity, to the team I work alongside every day, to the training staff of each gym and to the members of every Metabolic location), to apply maximum effort in exchange for that blessing.

And honestly, I could see how this distinction between “Blessed” and “Lucky” might seem trite.

Follow this logic:

Viewing myself as blessed generates responsibility (to myself and others). Responsibility gives my work and my life meaning. Meaning is the path to happiness. The surest path to happiness is to view myself as blessed and accept the responsibility it demands.

read: A Simple Formula for Meaning and Happiness

How does that sit with you?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over and over again in my 38 years its that words matter…

Be blessed.

Yours in strength,


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