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Everything You Need to Know about B Atomic and the NEON Launch

You’ve heard about NEON, you’re read the Tweets, seen the videos… now it’s time for the official launch. It’s go time. That’s why we got Seth Zaremba, founder and CEO and Sydney Roe, Chief Marketing Officer to stop by and explain exactly what NEON is and how it’s going to change the independent insurance industry forever.

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Everything You Need to Know about B Atomic and the NEON Launch

Seth Zaremba is the owner of Zinc Insurance, an independent insurance agency in Cleveland, OH.

The system that Zinc Insurance built produced such awesome results that Seth and his team decided to share it with other agencies struggling with the same issues. They call it Neon

Neon isn’t just about making Zinc better; Neon is about redefining the way independent insurance agencies operate. It’s about harnessing the latest in business technology and molding it for the insurance world.

Sydney Roe is the Chief Marketing Officer at b atomic, LLC. B atomic is an insurance technology company created to help independent agents leverage their data to craft an unforgettable customer experience.

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