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How Self-Proclaimed Misfit, Quentin Allums, Built a Powerhouse Personal Brand

Quentin “Q” Allums, CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, joins the podcast to discuss how viewing himself as a misfit helped build his powerhouse personal brand.

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quentin allums personal brand

How a Self-Proclaimed Misfit Built a Powerhouse Personal Brand

Quentin “Q” Allums is the CEO of Urban Misfit Ventures, a storytelling company with a focus on community. With his partners, Q help brands, companies, and people build influence & generate leads through strategy and compelling videos.

Urban Misfit Ventures was the first team of video creators/influencers on LinkedIn; they utilized the platform to build a community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and magical people building their dreams.

Humans that Game

Quentin has a new podcast out, Humans that Game.

This podcast covers everything in the world of esports and video games. He’s not a video game expert or a guru; but he is on a journey to learn everything he can about the fast-growing industry, from people that are living & breathing it.

And hopefully, through his journey into video games, the show can act as a guide to help you learn as well.

Connect with Quentin Allums

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