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The idea is stupid

The idea is stupid.⁠

It’s not enough.⁠
It won’t work.⁠
No one is listening.⁠
This isn’t what I thought.⁠
Nothing is happening.⁠
I’ll never fall asleep.⁠
There is too much to do.⁠
They don’t agree.⁠
They’re going to leave.⁠
Everyone is frustrated.⁠
We’re not aligned.⁠
They’re not on board.⁠
No one understands.⁠
I can’t give anymore.⁠
They’re checked out.⁠
We’re pressing.⁠
This feels wrong.⁠
We’re stuck.⁠
They hate the plan.⁠
I’m too tired.⁠
They don’t believe.⁠
No one wants to be here.⁠
This is a distraction.⁠
We’re screwed.⁠

❌Stop right now.⁠


Be present.⁠

Acknowledge the Resistance tugging at your fear, your doubt, your insecurity…⁠

The Muse rewards, she does not defend. ⁠

You must fight this battle against the Resistance. You must carry through despite the intruder in your head providing every excuse for you to quit, run away, and never be heard from again.⁠

But that is not who you are. You don’t run, you fight. You show up. You take on the burden. You lead from the front. You create change. You add value. You persist.⁠

This your legacy.⁠

Now go claim it.⁠

Yours in strength,⁠


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