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WHY WE MAKE EXCUSES (and how to stop)

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What’s up, guys. I wrote this post the other day on Instagram.


It’s a concept that I hold in my mind all the time when I’m thinking about the work that I do and just how I generally operate in business every day, how I think about my own career and my own personal growth, and the value that I’m able to deliver to metabolic on a day to day basis.

It’s the idea of observing the world for what it is and not what we would like it to be.

I wrote this post, it felt pretty powerful.

Not a lot of people saw it and it’s too long to just post into Linkedin or Twitter, so I’m going to read it to you and provide a little context and I’d love your feedback on the idea.

Observe the World as it is

Do you see the world as it is or as you wish it to be?

Your answer is critical in the journey to everyday peak performance.

Far too often for far too many people, it’s the ladder.

This speaks to our lack of willingness to experience the short -term pain of changing our current position, status, and environment for the long-term payoff of the life we want to live.

Here’s an easy way to find out where you fall in this dichotomy.

Do you say:

  • I would have started my own business, if only I had had a good idea.
  • I would write more, if only I had the time.
  • I would have gotten the promotion if only my boss liked me.
  • I would have sold the account if only the prospect had paid attention to my pitch.

You can also substitute if only for as long as, provided that, and there’s two others but there’s some nuance to them because they kind of work both ways: but and because.

  • I would start my own business, as long as I have enough money.
  • I will write more provided that I can find an inspiring coffee shop near my house.
  • I would have gotten the promotion, but Martha has been with the company for longer.
  • I didn’t sell the account because our product is too expensive.

Viewing the world as you wish it to be leads to excuse-making, excuse-making leads to a scarcity mindset, and a scarcity mindset ultimately leads to the stagnation of our personal growth.

The truth is:

  • you didn’t start your business because you didn’t have the guts to take the risk.
  • You don’t write more because you’re worried your work won’t be good enough.
  • You didn’t get the promotion because you haven’t worked hard enough to set yourself apart from your colleagues. And
  • You didn’t get the sale because you didn’t show value to the prospect.

These are the hard realities that we have to face.

Facing them head-on forces us to deal with the underlying emotions of doubt, fear, and insecurity, which are the root cause of our excuse-making in the first place.

Observe the world as it is, for this allows you to rise above it.

The Rub

Guys, I think this concept of viewing the world as it is and not as we want it to be is incredibly, incredibly powerful, and it’s just a small little mental tweak. I don’t wish the world was some way.

Here’s how the world is and if I want it to be different, I have to take action to change it.

If you can think this way, if you can make this small mental adjustment over time, if you can think, “I can’t change the way the world is today unless I take action,” well then it gives you a goal.

It gives you a path, a process to actually make something happen.

If you only view the world as you wish it to be, then it’s exterior forces that are causing these things and and you’re just this byproduct of those exterior forces. You have no choice.

You have no way of changing your situation.

For far too many of us, we allow what we would like the world to be like to dictate our reality, when in truth, reality is what it is and we have all the power we need inside us to do the things necessary to turn what we would like the world to be into what it actually is.

I just wanted to share this because as I looked through my own career, I will do this. I wish that certain things were easier. I wish I was better at certain things. I wish I had more contacts. Well, I know the things that I need to do now because the world is what it is.

I know what I need to do to get to where I want to be and I hope that this idea helps you.

Yours in strength,


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